National Mediation Training Registry

The National Mediation Training Registry was established in 2010 by — an experienced mediator and Silicon Valley software engineer with a passion for applying Internet technology to the field of mediation. Paul remains the Administrator of the National Mediation Training Registry, which is powered by open-source technologies.

Mediation trainers who join the Registry first create a Trainer Profile. Registered trainers can then in addition post details of their upcoming mediation training events directly on the site. Whereas expired events are automatically removed from the public face of the Registry, trainers can log in via their username and password (assigned automatically after joining) to re-post an expired training event that has since been scheduled anew for a future date.

A mediation trainer’s presence in the Registry is not necessarily an affirmation of either the trainer’s reputation or the quality of his/her mediation training events. So please contact a trainer directly to learn more about his/her experience and training methods and to seek trainee testimonials.

Featured Trainers (Friends) and Associates

Also of note, the order in which trainers appear in the National Mediation Training Registry does not imply seniority. So-called featured trainers (also known as Friends) will appear at the top of Registry search results as a courtesy for including a link from their own web sites to the Registry. Featured trainers also receive a bio link. And whenever a featured trainer posts a new training event, an email is automatically sent to local prospective trainees who’ve signed up to receive notifications of upcoming training events. Trainees can unsubscribe from notifications any time with a single click. We currently have hundreds of trainees registered to receive such alerts.

To become a featured trainer, a trainer simply has to create a link on his/her own site that points to the National Mediation Training Registry. Both featured trainers (Friends) and regular Associate-level trainers automatically receive a link back to their web sites. This drives traffic to their sites and helps boost their search-engine ranking in major search engines like Google and Bing

Add a link to the National Mediation Training Registry by simply copying and pasting the following code snippet into any page of your site:

Questions & Answers

Q. Can any mediation trainer list in the Registry and publicize his/her training events?

A. Yes. This is the purpose of the Registry i.e. to help mediation trainees find suitable training.

Q. How can I promote my own mediation trainer’s web site?

A. First, join the Registry. Second, become a Friend (featured trainer) of the Registry. All you need to do is include a link to the Registry on your own site. You’ll gain an authoritative link back to your site from the Registry, which will boost your search-engine ranking. This will also drive more traffic directly to your site.

Further Information

For additional questions, please contact me at:

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